Musician Santos Bonacci: Reclaiming Our Dominion

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Editor’s Note: Be sure to check out Mary Croft’s Who’s Who in Court and What to Say Read the Hermetica here. Voodoo Dolls of the Elite here. Christian love songs to Lucifer? Read here. What does “mortmain” mean? “…no document has higher “life” than a Papal Bull being a satanic curse and binding using the flesh of innocents to “trap their soul” to the form.” Read more. Find Santos’ music here. Chris White debunks astrotheology here. Max Igan interviews Santos here.

Santos Bonacci explains how, over the past two thousand years the Roman Cult/Empire has set up a System of ownership of all property and souls that exists on this Earth through their Papal Bulls And Trusts. Enslavement and ownership is their business, literally!!!!

Musician Santos Bonacci is also a scholar and all-around learned man
Musician Santos Bonacci is a scholar and all-around learned man

All Western Nations ‘require’ their national citizens ‘By Law’ to Register their children and acquire a birth certificate! That birth certificate and its numbers that identify you to it are connected to the Trust (Cestui Que Vie trust) See how it is through this ingenious system that we have all been enslaved. Learn how to free yourself!!!

There are over 60 book recommendations by Santos Bonacci which you can find here in alphabetical order:

Recommended Astronomy, Astrology, Astrotheology and Occult Books From Santos Bonacci

For over 30 years, Santos Bonacci has researched these ancient works. Now, with his training in media and music, he continues with his study, to compile and translate this marvelous knowledge into more accessible and contemporary terms.

Bonacci lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is a professional musician who is also involved in the creation and promotion of Social Truth Networks.

From his YouTube channel:

I deal with the subject of Reclaiming Dominion. Breaking the fictions of Law, Religion and Science.

The Holy Science, the ancient science based on the workings of the solar system, which is the science of, ‘as above, so below’, enables one to develop wisdom and enlightenment far beyond what this world has on offer.

This ancient fascinating wisdom, which I am disseminating and teaching, will have a profound spiritual effect on your life! This knowledge will enable you to remember that which you already know.

My studies span over 30 years; recently I have put together many things that will help so many make sense of so much that is going on in today’s world, and the future that we all face.

l wish to help and aid you in discovering unanswered questions, and share the solutions.

I’m here to bust wide open the world of corruption that is all around us, the world in which most live out each day of their lives.

I’m here to show you that you are the change that is needed. This will guide you on your path and enable you to guide others on their path. So that we may all come together as one, as was meant in the beginning.

Musician Santos Bonacci: Reclaiming our dominion
Musician Santos Bonacci: Reclaiming our dominion

I currently lecture in Australia and on Global Radio on Astrotheology and Sovereignty Law. I offer a perspective which brings some of our beliefs back into context by joining some of the dots that have otherwise made this information highly subjective, controversial and used as a major historical source of humanity’s exploitation.

I am a professional Musician and Speaker. I am married. I love to read, in particular ancient works on Astronomy, Philosophy, Astrology, History etc.

Santos’ website can be found here.

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