Sharlene Holt with Stewart Rhodes from the Oathkeepers
Sharlene Holt with Stewart Rhodes from the Oathkeepers

Calling all musicians, artists, filmmakers and activists! Here’s your chance to support Sharlene aka Ven Geancia and all the great musicians, artists, activists, filmmakers, and everyone at Musicians 4 Freedom! Call me at 720.298.1524 and let me know that you heard me with Joyce Riley on The Power Hour show Friday, May 11, 2012 and I’ll send you a great music compilation CD from for any donation. It’s such a deal!

You can send me a check (call me for the physical address) or click on my PayPal DONATE button at the top left of the website. When you call, we’ll talk about music, art, activism and your personal projects, too. I’d love to feature you on the site and help you with whatever you are workin’ on.

M4F had our own internet radio show hosted on Wolf Spirit Radio. We’re taking a break to get organized. Listen to me on the Joyce Riley show May 11, 2012.


Songs of Freedom: Live and Let Rock. Burn it and pass it around town at concerts! There’s also a cover included that you can unfold, print photocopies, and refold into a CD case for the burned CDs. Great to distribute at events including We Are Change, Occupy, Green Party, Tea Party, etc.

The compilation includes my original song, Falling in Love Again, from my singer/songwriter CD at CD Baby.

Here are some of the other great bands on the CD:

Scream Cry Out Tell Truth, Tom Mullen, Truth Now, Rich Angell, The King’s Magic, Trillion, John Defour, Neal Fox, Post Freedom, Rebel Inc. Garko, Rollie Fingers, Smiling Politely, The Cooters, Voodoo Stingray, and more!

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