Rod Class Gets Go Ahead To File In The U.S. Supreme Court

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Rod’s IRS case has been going on since 2009 and has finally reached the point (court) of last resort. The case involves actions of the IRS against David Lee; Buess of Ohio. Rod’s argument is NOT that “taxes are unconstitutional, etc.”…He maintains that the IRS uses Fraudulent Tactics that go against their specific written procedures (codes, rules, regulations, etc.) for Collection, etc.!

The private corporation dba the Govt. makes money by extorting Americans
The private corporation dba the Govt. makes money by extorting Americans

Remember, if we argue “procedures” (their own written codes, rules and regulations) – then we have a valid argument and the court should look to those procedures, codes, rules and regulations, etc. for Errors and Improprieties ! If the IRS is not following their written and published procedures, etc. then they stand to be sanctioned and punished !

There is, however, no guarantee that the Supreme Court will hear this case, but it could happen ! We doubt that the Supremes have heard Rod’s argument before, so you never can tell ! It’s the endgame of a very long strategy !

Below are short links to the doc from the Court that Rod just received giving the go ahead and the Federal rule and some other selected filings, etc. !

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3 Recent Docs and 1 Corrected Doc
Theft By Deception – Bar Association History and Who Owns The U.S.

Law Of Office Found, The…James Montgomery

Sen. Doc. No. 43 1933 – The State Owns It All !

3.30.12 Coram Nobis Template >> corrected <<

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Rod Class Gets Go Ahead To File In The U.S. Supreme Court
In His Ongoing Action Against The IRS !

The latest (Feb 2012) Mandate received for the IRS case
and the Rule:
Mandate from Court:
Fed Rule 41:

Here’s the link to the DC IRS Case Court Order:
10.4.11 IRS DC Case Appeal Court Order
Don’t worry about trying to understand it as it is very vague as to who
the order was favoring and, hopefully, will be straightened out soon !
It does seem that Rod has really backed them into a corner !

Rod sent off another filing (7.28.11) Objection To Motion into the DC IRS case.
It should continue to back these yip-yaws further into the corner…

Rod’s filing (6.11.11) into the IRS case is an Objection..

Here’s Rod’s filing for Appeal in the IRS case in DC that was filed on 3.25.11…

The IRS (Secret) Agent Handbook …slow, but higher visual quality…
IRS (Secret) Agent Handbook Part I
IRS (Secret) Agent Handbook Part II
IRS (Secret) Agent Handbook Part III
USC Title 26 (Internal Revenue Code)
Each download takes about 6 or 7 minutes at DSL speed…Thanks to Wireman !

>> Rod’s latest Coram Nobis Template (1.26.12) Has Been Corrected ! <<
The Coram Nobis is only used if you’re the Defendant…
Most versions (except for the 3.30.12 version below) have the typo “trail” instead of “trial”
on approx. page 4 and 6, AND DO NOT have the corrected 6th Court explanation on
page 13…Beware ! The New version of 3.30.12 Does Have the 6th Court explanation !

Harvey’s corrected version …latest 3.30.12 Coram Nobis Template >> corrected <<
The following links are NOT corrected versions of the 3.30.12 Version !
Dotty’s Blog
Compliments of Niidjii

Mac’s Blog

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