Editor’s Note: Personally, I’m very suspicious of this information. My preferred approach to restoring the republic is to hold so-called officials accountable to the people, from the bottom up, by filing lawsuits pursuant to the 7th Amendment. Here’s a sample Suit at Common Law. More about this at Get Out and Stay Out of Jail. More from David Wilcock. Here’s a transcript, more or less. Here’s a related article. Hmmmm….is it “strong delusion?” Read here, here, here, and here.

Freedom Reigns In a recent interview with David Wilcock, Insider ‘Drake’ stated a comprehensive plan to arrest all corrupt globalist, banksters and the political elite within a 72 hour period involving the closing down of U.S. borders and satellite communications to prevent and out of country money transfers. Drake added that a transition plan is already in place to convert the U.S. dollar to one that is not based on fiat currency.

An end of the Republic or a new beginning?
An end of the Republic or a new beginning?

Additionally, we can expect to see the release of many suppressed technologies that will make our modern life seem like the Stone Age.



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