Ed. Note: You may also want to read about Occupier Daniel Murphy.

Occupy Denver After months of waiting and sifting through discovery, Mercer Lewis, 21, became the first Occupy Denver activist to take his case in front of a jury yesterday.

Musician Mercer Lewis found not guilty in Denver
Musician Mercer Lewis found not guilty in Denver

After the trial, Lewis, who was found not guilty on the charge of obstructing a street or passageway, had a great deal to say about the jury’s decision and its implications for his peers. But first, he had a request. “First, have you seen the moon? Go outside and look at it.”

Mercer Lewis

On November 12,  police arrested Lewis for obstruction after an altercation that found protesters abandoning Civic Center Park to march down the 16th Street Mall. Approximately 100 protesters and 200 police officers took part in the night’s events, which ended with nineteen arrests. (Four of the arrestees have since pleaded guilty.) At around 6:45 p.m., police took Lewis into custody at the northwest corner of 14th and Larimer. Read more at Westword.

Westword Today, on Occupy Denver’s six-month anniversary, the organization is separated from its long-time home in Civic Center Park. Regardless of whether you expected the movement to make it this long, the past half a year brought no shortage of eye-opening events and preparation for the future.

In order to contextualize the hundreds of stories that have come out of Occupy Denver’s tenure downtown, Westword looked back at ten consequences of occupation that weren’t part of the plan. Read more.

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