Jayson C. Cannon Presents The Hollow Earth at PRF

Ed. Note: Also, check out this article re: the Tibetan world of Agharta.

PRF “Behind all myth, legend and folklore there is a sound basis of reality that has kept this belief alive for hundreds and thousands of years.  Any truth will linger until the information has come to light.” Rick Nelson

This event takes place tonight, Wednesday, March 28, from 7-9 PM at the Jeffco County Fairgrounds. The suggested donation is $5. Details at PRF.

The difference between the Hollow Earth theory and the Solid Earth Theory is that contemporary conventional scientific methodologies and beliefs suggest the earth is solid. It is important to remember a Solid Earth is only a theory, not a fact.  Some theories are promoted and taught by institutions so consistently over an extended period of time, that they are not only accepted, but, sadly, are fiercely defended without further consideration, thought or confirmation.

Several hundred years ago contemporary conventional scientific methodologies and beliefs interpreted by the top experts in these areas heatedly insisted the earth was flat.  This was a logical thought process based on what was taught at the time but grossly incorrect.  In recent years when scientists discovered DNA they labeled the majority of it “junk”.  Again, our so-called experts have misinterpreted information and delayed true understanding of a greater reality.

An extremely detailed and precise map including borders, hundreds of location names and geographic features of the entire Inner World was commissioned by the elite Roman hierarchy in the 1700s.  Numerous stories throughout history have depicted detailed journeys with fascinating experiences from credible individuals.  Admiral Richard Byrd’s Arctic and Antarctic expeditions in the early 20th century revealed thinly veiled implications of this world while unofficial writings and accounts of Bryd and his crew leave no doubt as to the existence of this world.  The Hopi and many other indigenous peoples have distinct oral histories of their encounters and relationships with these inner-world beings.

As you look at historic records and a substantial amount of supporting evidence its clear this matter cannot and should not be dismissed.  There is an essence of something very important to be learned here.  This Hollow Earth presentation will provide some of the most comprehensive and detailed information ever presented.  This information will provide a broader and stronger basis for your opinion on the matter.  Just like the suppression of the existence of UFOs it is critical to look at some of the best information available before adopting mainstream positions.

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance” Albert Einstein

A surge of information historically suppressed from mainstream sources is now being released through an extremely large number of independent researchers via the Internet.  Although this information is not yet refined it does encourage rational consideration.  The collective weight of the factual evidence ancient cultural and religious records and other resources are making it evident the existence of the inner earth has a compelling basis in reality.

This PRF presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of this matter including its history, relationship and indication of its role in human evolution.  It is believed by many the mysterious sounds recorded and reported on YouTube by hundreds of people in every part of the world since mid-2011 is emanating from inside the earth and echoing off the earth’s atmosphere.

Regardless of anyone’s preconceived notions about the subject, exposure to the information being presented gives serious pause for reconsideration.  The presentation will provide information painting a different conceptual paradigm that begins to make more sense and offer greater logic than what we have been previously told.

Our presenter Dr. Jayson Cannon, “JC” is a highly educated individual with eclectic exposure to diverse foundational belief systems.  This diverse background includes a multicultural education in science, quantum physics, medicine, healing, ancient and indigenous cultural beliefs, religion, eclectic archeology and geography, astronomy, cosmology and spiritual understanding at a very deep level.  His overarching comprehension is unique in that it is not constrained by singular rigid disciplines, cultures or religious belief systems.   His highest order of teachers transcends this dimension and realm providing great insight and a deeper grasp than his more conventional education.  Access to this highly advanced information is historically experienced by shaman, gurus, maharishis, maji, swamis, yogis, priests and other evolved spiritual leaders in their respective cultures.  He now shares tightly held secrets that have empowered the inner sanctums of the most powerful institutions throughout human history.

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