H.R. 347: Another Step in the Elimination of the First Amendment

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Editor’s Note: If the corporation masquerading as our constitutional republic can forbid our contact with them, then we can also forbid their contact with us. It’s called the law. These bozos don’t have a higher right than yours; they just know how to exercise theirs. Learn how you can file a lawsuit pursuant to the 7th Amendment. Serve subpoenas to the police that hassle you. Collect your remedy according to your Fee Schedule. What are you waiting for?

Infowars It is fairly obvious Obama and Congress rushed through H.R. 347 in order to curtail demonstrations that will undoubtedly occur during both Democrat and Republican conventions this summer. Also known as the “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011,” the bill makes it a felony to disrupt or protest at any place or event attended by any person with secret service protection.

H.R. 347 is doing away with the 1st amendment
H.R. 347 is doing away with the 1st amendment

“Current law makes it illegal to enter or remain in an area where certain government officials (more particularly, those with Secret Service protection) will be visiting temporarily if and only if the person knows it’s illegal to enter the restricted area but does so anyway,” Michigan Rep. Justin Amash wrote on his Facebook page. “[H.R. 347] expands current law to make it a crime to enter or remain in an area where an official is visiting even if the person does not know it’s illegal to be in that area and has no reason to suspect it’s illegal.”

Amash, Paul Broun, a Georgia Republican, and Ron Paul were the lone dissenting voices opposed to this bill, which is being called  the “First Amendment Rights Eradication Act” designed specifically to counter the Occupy movement and other political groups opposed to the bankster regime in control of the Congress and the presidency. Democrats have characterized opposition to the bill as “a whole lot of kerfuffle over nothing.”

Gene Howington, a guest blogger on law professor Jonathan Turley’s blog, contends that the government deliberately made the language of H.R. 347 vague and overly broad. Howington writes that “it seems to be a trend that vague or overly broad language could be fairly described as being purposefully adopted allowing ‘wiggle room’ for Federal authorities to potentially abuse civil and human rights under the color of authority.”

While the recently enacted and also vaguely worded NDAA “poses a threat to your 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment rights, the newest attack of vague language is aimed at your 1st Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and Freedom to Petition,” Howington notes. “As currently worded, it might as well have been called the ‘Federal We’re Too Important To Be Annoyed By Your Protest Act of 2011′ or (as described by Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), one of the few Representatives to vote against the bill) the ‘First Amendment Rights Eradication Act’ because it effectively outlaws protests near people who are ‘authorized’ to be protected by the Secret Service.”

In 1998, Bill Clinton signed Presidential Decision Directive 62 establishing the National Special Security Events, or NSSE, a directive making the Secret Service responsible for security at designated events, including presidential nominating conventions. Other events under NSEE include summits of world leaders, meetings of international organizations, and presidential inaugurations. In other words, with the passage of this bill, it will now be a felony to protest the G20 and globalist “trade” summits and other neoliberal confabs where international banksters and their minions plot our future behind closed doors.

Such a draconian restriction of the First Amendment is another step in an effort to outlaw all protest against the government, especially at events where the controllers discuss and finalize their plans to implement world government and a centralized global banking system. The global elite have repeatedly demonstrated their animosity toward the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Taking down the First Amendment – in addition to the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and most importantly the Second – under the bogus and contrived aegis of a manufactured war on terror amply reveals what they have a mind: a gulag panopticon where resistance is not only futile, but illegal, and where the slaves are disarmed and powerless to effectuate change.

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  1. Voice your opinion and tell president Obama to VETO Legislation Bill “H.R. 347” which violates the context of the First Amendment which states: “Congress shall make NO law…ABRIDGING…the RIGHT of the PEOPLE peaceably to ASSEMBLE, and to PETITION the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    The Petition link is @ http://wh.gov/9r0.
    SAVE our first amendment rights by March 29, 2012!

    H.R.☭347 sets the precedence in taking away our rights “☮Tools” to keep this country FREE!

    Although you might not take part in these events (maybe because of your busy lives and in raising your children), it is because your able to raise your children in this free country that relies on these events. We certainly did not get our freedoms with H.R.☭347. So ask yourself this question (?), why is our U.S. Government always so concerned about those who express their objectionable views and believes to keep Government from interfering with our lives and families (?), that is the U.S. Government always trying to find ways to spend our hard working tax dollars in making deceptive “Law Titles” like the “Patriot Act” passed by Congress, which really should have been called the “Spy & search everyone ACT” or the “Make everyone’s private information public and pass it around in the N-DEx network ACT” and the so called Bill “SOPA & PIPA” pulled from Congress last month, which should have been called the “Keep citizens misinformed, ☭☪ompliant ACT” and to “Stop their freedom of speech from being expressed on the internet, by copyrighting the ©Bills & ©Laws being discussed ACT”?

    So you see, these B.S. / U.S. law titles like “The Trespass Act” which really should be called “Invisible & moveable property line with an a*shole in the middle ACT” do not mean what they say, unless you read the context within!

    So please sign this petition @ http://wh.gov/9r0 and share it with your friends, since now is the only hope we have for our President to VETO this un-constitutional bill and to keep our country strong and free for You, Everyone & all Future Generations after.

    P.S. “Let’s be grateful this Petition did not infringe any copyright “PIPA” ©Laws pulled”.

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