Vengeancia Rob Menard is a Featured Activist. The man in the video, Dan Dicks, says that, people in America who are Freemen on the land call ourselves “sovereign citizens.” This is incorrect. For more details re: the difference, check out, What is a Sovereign Citizen? Also, take a look at our latest project, Get Out and Stay Out of Jail, which summarizes our lawful, not legal, approach.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world, is to become absolutely free, that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Albert Camus

In the American Republic, the people are recognized in our founding documents and case law as the sovereign; the people take the place of the King. It’s been said that we are sovereigns without subjects, aka “sovrans,” with retained Rights recognized by the 9th Amendment to the Constitution, which we choose to delegate to the States and Feds at our option.

The founders included the 7th Amendment in the Bill of Rights to enable the people to hold our elected officials accountable, personally, when they fail to honor our nonconsent.

Here’s the text from Dan’s YouTube channel and his video, embedded below. Also find below another recent hit piece on the so-called “sovereign citizens.”

A program titled “A Canadian Concern” recently aired on CBC’s The National which takes a look at the Freeman Movement here in Canada. The program was an all out hit piece designed to demonize the movement and portray “freemen on the land” as potentially violent cop killers!

The lamestream media demonizes the freeman movement
The lamestream media demonizes the freeman movement

Press For Truth documented the entire interview that was conducted by the CBC with freeman Robert Menard in order to protect the integrity of the movement and to counter the propaganda that is being spewed by CBC’s The National. Watch the interview that I conducted with Robert and you will see the glaring differences between what he actually has to say and what the CBC portrayed.

The Freeman Movement – Robert Menard:

CBC’s The National – “A Canadian Concern?”

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