Candidate Jill Stein Addresses Green Party of Philadelphia

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Editor’s Note: It’s interesting how the “left” harps on the problem of corporations being “people,” which isn’t true. Corporations are “persons,” not “people.” There’s a big difference! The corporation dba the Govt. of the US of A has cloned people and created the US Person, which is an account, a franchise of the larger corporation masquerading as America’s constitutional republic. When the real man or woman agrees to BE this US Person, the real man or woman has consented to be controlled by the corp. dba the US of A. The solution, in my opinion, is to recognize that “people” are NOT “persons.” The problem is “people corporatehood,” not “corporate personhood.” People are sovereigns OVER corporations. People inhabit the Republic, while at the same time, Persons are resident in the democracy, like two sides of a coin. Imagine real men and women sitting around a chess board to play the game; they all have a token, a pawn, on the board. We have both – people have Rights, and our person has privileges.

Philadelphia Weekly Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein met potential supporters and members of the Green Party of Philadelphia today at Crossroads Coffee Shop in Roxborough. The meeting with the local party marked the beginning of a day that included addresses with students at the University of the Arts and an address to the William Way Community Center later on tonight.

Jill Stein is running for president with the Green Party
Jill Stein is running for president with the Green Party

Stein addressed the crowd around a large table in the back of the establishment, noting her policy positions and touted what she called her “Green New Deal for America”—a series of New Deal-like initiatives that she believes will pull the United States out of its economic funk and end what she calls “the oil wars.”

Originally from Chicago, Stein became active in Massachusetts politics after graduating from Harvard College in 1973, then Harvard Medical School in 1979. She was twice elected to town meeting in Lexington, Massachusetts and, after a run for governor in 2002 on the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party ticket (she faced now-presidential candidate Mitt Romney at the time), founded the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities in 2003.

She spoke for about an hour on the future of green technologies, health care, LGBT rights and other progressive issues she hopes to bring to the campaign. In addition, she noted she’d introduce a “voter’s bill of rights” to make sure people are no longer turned away from polls (and denounced Voter ID), as well as voter reform, which would create a more proportional election system, similar to many other democracies across the world.

Pennsylvania is the most major state her campaign has yet to cover and gather signatures for, she said. She is facing air quality inspector Kent Mesplay and comedienne Rosanne Barr in the primary.

There will be a full report tomorrow on today’s meeting and Stein’s issues, as well as how she can get on the Pennsylvania ballot.