Editor’s Note: You register to vote. The form asks, “Are you a U.S. Citizen?” Well, the honest answer is, no, you ARE a child of God, a flesh and blood man or woman, subject only to God and the common law. The truth of the matter is, you HAVE a U.S. Citizen, which is a franchise of the Corporation dba The Govt. of the United States. If you have not been down the rabbit hole on this topic yet, you may want to check out this article on “jurisdiction.”

American Freedom After a strong finish in the early Republican primaries, Congressman Ron Paul is beginning to break out of the Patriot Movement box and break into Mainstream America Republican Party politics.

Crazy Ron Paul: He wants to hold our misrepresentatives accountable!
Crazy Ron Paul: He wants to hold America's misrepresentatives accountable!

If you are not active in the Patriot Movement, the only thing you’ve probably heard about Ron Paul from his comrades in Congress and Mainstream Media is that the man is crazy. However, with his rising popularity as a 2012 Republican Presidential candidate, many people in the Patriot Movement are now asking themselves another question about Ron Paul. Can he be trusted?

It is obvious no one in their right mind would vote for a crazy person who cannot be trusted, but we’ve done it twice now for the Republican President George W. Bush and once for Democratic President Barack Obama. If you don’t think these two Presidents are crazy, look at Homeland Security, Patriot Act, Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our economy, TSA, and the recent traitorous National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The NDAA bill passed by Congress and signed by Obama allows Americans to be arrested by the military with no real probable cause and held indefinitely without a trial. Bush and Obama are supposed to be honest and sane, whereas Ron Paul is crazy. Give me a break! Let’s take a look at some of the crazy things Ron Paul says:

Ron Paul would have Congress and the President abide by the Constitution and stop enacting unconstitutional laws like the treasonous National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Ron Paul would have Congress end both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring home the troops. Ending war is viewed as a dangerous foreign policy position for America by the other Democrats and Republicans in Congress who are probable traitors to this nation.

Ron Paul preaches freedom for all Americans by respecting our Civil Liberties.

In the 2006 film “America From Freedom to Fascism”, Ron Paul is on the record stating there is no law requiring Americans to file an IRS 1040 form, and that the United States is headed toward fascism and a Police State. I, for one, can definitely see Police Brutality is on the rise in the United States.

Ron Paul has gone on the record stating if he becomes President, he would rid America of the dreaded Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Ron Paul wants to audit the Federal Reserve Bank. He even wrote a book titled “End The Fed”.

Ron Paul believes in limited government, which is another way of saying he wants constitutional government because the ONLY powers of the “lawful” government reside in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution.

What do all the other candidates want to do if elected? Start another war on Terror with Iran and give you a tax break on an Income Tax 99% of Americans don’t lawfully have to pay in the first place. If you are one of the millions of Americans who believe the statements made by Ron Paul are crazy and you’d like everything to remain the same in America, you’ve probably been unwittingly brainwashed by Mainstream Media. Being brainwashed to believe in the status quo would definitely make you think most of what Ron Paul says is crazy. However, if you’ve done your research and/or are entrenched in the Patriot Movement, you know Congressman Paul speaks the truth. Ron Paul is likely aware 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated by traitorous elements in the United States government as a reason to invade Iraq. Evidence suggests Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11, and there is much evidence the story of President Obama killing Osama is a lie.

The United States foreign policy sends BILLIONS of aid to other countries each year. Wouldn’t that money be better spent giving domestic aid to Americans who have lost their jobs and homes? Why do we send so much money overseas helping others? It’s not that we’re simply aiding our allies. The truth is the United States has troops in over 135 of the 196 nations of the world. Most of the foreign aid is actually used to support the Special Interest controlled foreign empire built at the expense of our sons and daughters lives in the military. When you really look at the real foreign aid facts, bringing our troops home from the 135 foreign nations and spending the BILLIONS of foreign aid to assist struggling Americans does not sound so crazy.

Now, why do many members in the Patriot Movement think Ron Paul cannot be trusted? Their distrust appears to be based on what Paul “does not say”. Being a staunch Patriot myself, I’d rather Ron Paul tell Americans they have Natural Rights from God/Universe instead of Civil Liberties from man’s government. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t know the meaning of Natural Rights, which forces Congressman Paul to use the term Civil Liberties so most Americans know he’s referencing their loss of freedoms in America. Ron Paul had the opportunity to object to Obama being named President of the United States in 2008 based on the fact Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen. To be a Natural Born Citizen you must be born in America and BOTH parents must be American Citizens. Obama’s father was NOT an American Citizen. Many of my fellow Patriots are also upset with Ron Paul’s campaign to audit the Fed. Why? Because the Federal Reserve Bank is actually a private corporation that is audited every year in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). Please go to The Corporation Nation website for further details.

There are a lot of things Ron Paul “could” say, but there are many reasons he “should NOT” say certain things to Mainstream Media. What if Ron Paul told the masses there were actually two United States-one unlawfully created to operate under unconstitutional “legal” laws and another created by the Founding Fathers to operate under constitutional “lawful” laws? Most Americans in the Patriot Movement would probably understand what is meant when two United States are referenced, but the mass of Americans Congressman Paul needs to get elected President would probably think he was “crazy”. The Ron Paul is “crazy” label is also the reason I believe Ron Paul didn’t attempt to stop Obama from taking over the office of President of BOTH United States. The Mainstream Media would lock onto these “crazy” sounding statements and Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign would abruptly end with him as the laughing stock of American politics for attempting to tell you the truth.

Congressman Paul can’t tell you, but I can tell you for a fact treasonous Democrat AND Republican Politicians in Federal Government have created at least two United States. I’m not currently running for President so I don’t care if you think I’m crazy. On the other hand, a good source of proof can be found by downloading and reading free chapters of the book American Freedom A Conversation with America for “Change” in the UNITED STATES at American Freedom Books.

Another reason Ron Paul can’t reveal certain truths to America in mass is the concept called Cognitive Dissonance. One definition of Cognitive Dissonance is “the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time.” For example, the thought “Americans are free in the United States” gives most citizens a serious case of Cognitive Dissonance. We’ve been told by the Media and dishonest Politicians we are free in America, but Congress continually enacting unconstitutional laws like the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), TSA, Patriot Act, and “ObamaCare” seriously contradicts our belief in freedom. If Ron Paul’s campaign speeches contained information that was radically different from the beliefs of the average American, his message would most likely be received as Cognitive Dissonance. If the other candidates tell the masses they will lower their unconstitutional Income Taxes and Ron Paul tells them he’ll do away with Income Taxes altogether, two conflicting thought patterns will be created in most people’s neural pathways. The majority of people will usually reconcile conflicting thought patterns by picking the most popular and comfortable thought pattern. In our Income Tax scenario, most people would vote for the candidate who will lower their taxes over Ron Paul who would get rid of Income Taxes. Why would most people not support their own interests in the Income Tax scenario? Because the thoughts “everyone knows you have to pay Income Taxes” and “paying your fair share” have been tattooed into the majority of our brains by a government-controlled public school system, Mainstream Media, and treasonous Democrat AND Republican Politicians. The “fictitious” United States operates on the revenue from unconstitutional Income Taxes used to support its foreign empire where the “real” United States revenue comes from constitutional duty, impost, and excise taxes supporting our nation just as the Founding Fathers deemed appropriate.

So, is Ron Paul crazy or is he privy to information most Americans don’t know and would be hesitant to accept? According to the many facts validating his statements, I’d have to say no, Ron Paul is NOT crazy. Can Ron Paul be trusted? In my opinion, Ron Paul can be trusted to “serve” as President of the “real” United States. Considering the dismal state of America today, we can’t trust any politician to “lead” us ever again. All levels of government in America were originally created to “serve” a free and Sovereign People, not “lead” brainwashed Sheeple. Is Ron Paul electable? He’s a 12 term Congressman, which means he’s definitely electable because he’s been elected 12 times. Can Ron Paul win the Republican nomination for President? To borrow a phrase from President Obama, “yes, he can”. The Mainstream Media says Ron Paul can’t win because the Mainstream Media is owned and controlled by the people who want you to vote for the others guys. Here’s a novel thought to the question of Ron Paul being elected. He can win the Republican nomination and the Presidency if YOU vote for him! Before casting your ballots for probable Special Interest controlled traitors in any election, make sure the person you’re voting for can answer the following questions.

Can Ron Paul restore our Republic? Since our Presidents are not supposed to be dictators, the answer is NO. However, it would be beneficial to have Ron Paul as President while American Citizens destroy the “legal” Democracy that is the unconstitutional United States and restore the “lawful” Republic as the constitutional United States. In my mind, there is nothing crazy or untrustworthy about a man who will tell you the truths he thinks you can handle while almost everyone else in government lies to your face.

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