Hudson, NH Police Commander Sets an Example for Other Police Agencies to Follow

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Editor’s Note: This is impressive activism! I really love Adam Kokesh, our first Featured Activist for 2012! Also, read about Sui Juris: the state office of “person.” For even more background on People subject to the Law vs. PERSONS subject to the LEGAL, check out this article with Burt’s latest videos.

Cop Block Adam Kokesh of Adam vs. The Man and I went to the Hudson, NH Police Department to file a criminal complaint against former House Speaker and presidental candidate Newt Gingrich’s security agent who assaulted Adam earlier the previous day. When we were there, Adam was filming, and was threatened with arrest.

Adam Kokesh (R) and friends in New Hampshire
Adam Kokesh (R) and friends in New Hampshire

I told the shift commander that he was absolutely incorrect about New Hampshire law due to a 1st Circuit Court of Appeals decision that denied qualified immunity to Boston, MA Police for making a similar arrest.

It is okay to be wrong… every human is wrong about stuff all the time. It does take, however, a big man to admit that he was wrong, and Lieuteant Dyac of the Hudson, NH Police proved to be a big man. Of course, it would have been preferred that he knew the law ahead of time, but we all know that ignorance of the law isn’t an excuse for US, but IS for state agents.

I am going to write a letter to Hudson, NH Police Chief Jason Lavoie praising his commander for his willingness to admit a mistake. I’d respectfully ask you all either do the same or call to quickly ask that the Chief be told that his Lieutenant is a step above many law enforcers we’ve encountered being wrong about the law. By taking the time to research the issue before taking action, Lieuteant Dyac saved his department from civil liability. He clearly is an asset to that agency.

Photography Is Not A Crime‘s Carlos Miller has done an excellent piece on this story, and his commenters seem to agree with my praise of the Lieuteant:


Bravo to Lt. Dyac, he is the epitome of a good LEO. If only more cops could be more like him.

Interestingly, the Boston Police Department has finally come out and admitted that their officers were wrong to arrest the man who created this case law which I cited to the Lieutenant which kept Adam from being arrested.  Getting the government to apologize seems to only take five years and a federal lawsuit.

I believe positive encouragement for police accountability is as important as negative.  If you agree with me and want to praise Lt. Dyac for taking the time to research what I was saying and ultimately admitting he was wrong, Chief Lavoie of the Hudson Police can be reached here:

Chief Jason Lavoie
1 Constitution Drive – Hudson, New Hampshire 03051
Business line: 603-886-6011

Recorded at the Hudson Police Department in Hudon New Hampshire on the morning of January 10th, 2012 between approximately 12:45am and 5:15am.
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