Editor’s Note: I couldn’t agree more with David Icke. We are in control! I just sent a Cease & Desist to my local police dept. Check it out. This video debuts our friend Tommy Truther’s new song, We Are Change! David’s most recent video, below, discusses the idea of govt. control via franchising. Fortunately, We Are Change is “franchising.” So is Musicians 4 Freedom. Start one in your town today!

We are Change's Luke Rudkowski Interviews David Icke
We are Change's Luke Rudkowski Interviews David Icke

We are Change Luke Rudkowski sits down with David Icke in Brooklyn, New York.

We Are Change Lyrics:

Click here to play Tommy’s song.

You want some changes- well we have plans. So gather your neighbors and tell your friends! Together we can do it all. Stay divided and we fall. We have no partisan point-of-view. We don’t tell lies and we call it truth. The people have a lot to say. Let real folks lead the way!

We Are Change, and We Are Love! Together we’re stronger than ever before. We are the change we’re seeking. But we’re not here to pass the time of day. We Are Change!

The military machine must end (stop these wars!) Let’s show the world we can be their friend. No silent drones and SCUDS. No more oil spilling blood.

The time has come; we must End the Fed! (End the Fed!) We’re in the red and we’re almost dead. The system has to change. And it’s time to rearrange...read more.

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