Vengeancia Manta includes a database of over 63 million US and foreign companies. That database info. is provided by Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B). Type “Government of the United States” into the search engine; you get 50,179 U.S. companies matching “Government of the United States.”

Read Adask’s article from 2010; it’s a bit out of date. In her article about Jesse Ventura and the TSA for Lew Rockwell Ms. Ackers writes:

“So long as we sue the TSA — or any bureaucracy — for violating our Constitutional freedoms, courts will rule against us and smirk while they do. The remedy for administrative law’s totalitarianism lies in abolishing bureaucracies, not pleading with Our Rulers to defend us from them, pretty please.”

She notes:

Mr. Ventura added, “It’s really sad … [The judge] claimed her court didn’t have jurisdiction. But this is a constitutional question…”

I disagree with Ms. Ackers. As the Spoon Boy has observed, good luck abolishing bureaucracies! The solution is not changing what’s OUT THERE, it’s about changing what’s IN HERE, inside all of us. It’s about changing how we interact with the system. We surround them.

To be clear: the judge correctly instructed Mr. Ventura; U.S. Citizens have NO constitutional rights, only privileges.

The solution lies not in attempting to change any aspect of the govt., but in changing ourselves from citizens=subjects to people=sovereigns.

People have ALL RIGHTS. People have STANDING. People bring CLAIMS upon which relief may be granted.

“He who consents cannot receive an injury.”

It’s really quite simple. The judge is hittin’ Jesse Ventura over the head here! If movement celebs like Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura would simply bring lawsuits as “people” and not as “residents,” “individuals,” “persons,” etc., who have CONSENTED to be subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Corp., thereby waiving their sovereign immunity, we’d take America back in a heartbeat.

But alas….these celebs are not exposing this fraud. Is it deliberate? Never attribute to conspiracy what can be explained by simple incompetence. Nevertheless, until the celebs wake up, we’ve got to do this ourselves! It’s a DIY – Do It Yourself- restoration of the constitutional republic, already in progress in your local community.

When we approach the administrative court as a “people,” the court is obligated to hear our questions re: constitutionality. We transform the equity court into a common law court. Moreover, as sovereigns, we can even bring in the UNWRITTEN common law! What does that mean? It means that, when we establish “jurisdiction,” it means we literally “speak the law” into existence. As sovereigns, we have this right.…

To step up, send me an email at Send me some $$$$. I’ll sue ’em!

Actually, my buddy Burt is preparing to sue the Denver police over this incident, in which Burt and a few folks from WACC were detained in May 2011 at DIA. Burt will be approaching this lawsuit from the perspective of a “people,” rather than a U.S. Citizen. Here’s his latest wisdom re: how he would have done it differently.

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