Vengeancia (updated May 18, 2014) First, read this Challenging Jurisdiction, here. Check out 3 Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, here. Check out Withdrawal of Consent by Kurt Kallenbach. I made a great video, which was embedded below. However, YouTube removed all of my videos for an alleged copyright strike. Sorry! Here are some recent thoughts from yours truly. Find great resources at His Holy Church site. Check out The Economic Rape of America, here.

A few simple ideas go a long way toward getting out of jail
A few simple ideas go a long way toward getting out of jail

“Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people.” H. G. Wells (1939)

“God sees the heart and mind of mankind, but the world often requires something more tangible as evidence in witness. His Holy Church offers a system for the edification, authentication, solemnization, and protection of the free Church and congregation which may assist in the maintenance and nurturing of a free people under God.”

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

“The Church is not a building. It is an institution of Christ. It is not a place here or there. It, like the Kingdom of God, is composed of living souls who seek to do the will of Christ and the Father. Its mission is imposed by Christ upon the hearts and minds of those who are faithful to His way in Spirit and in Truth.” Read more.

Here’s a sample Fee Schedule. Check out USA vs. US. Check out Alfred Adask’s article about the Govt. of the U.S. bein’ a private run-for-profit company,here.

If the police stop someone…

  • Write down officers’ names, badge numbers, and car number.  Cops should give you this information when asked.  You have the right to know their identity.
  • When the stop is over approach the officers involved and ask for their card.  In Denver they have to give it to you.
  • Write down the time, date, and place of the incident.
  • Use caution and if possible ask if the person is being arrested and on what charge.
  • Get names of witnesses and how to contact them.
  • Police can arrest someone they believe is “interfering” with their actions.  Maintain a reasonable distance and if a cop threatens to arrest you, explain that you don’t want to interfere, but that you have the right to observe their actions.
  • Try to get the name of the arrestee but only if they have already given it to police.
  • Write down all the details as soon as possible.
  • Remember to keep a safe distance away from the police officers and to keep on the sidewalk (not in parking lots or on other private property) as much as possible.

If the police stop you…

  • Ask, “Am I free to go?” if not you are being detained.  If yes, walk away.
  • If they say they are detaining you ask, “Can you explain why you are detaining me?” To stop you the officer must have specific reasons to suspect your involvement in a specific crime (not just a guess or stereotype).
  • You do not have to answer any questions.  If the cop tickets or arrests you, you may be held for a while if you don’t show ID.
  • Remember names and badge numbers of officers involved.
  • If a cop tries to search your home, your care, or your person, say repeatedly that you “DO NOT CONSENT TO THE SEARCH”. The police can pat you down if they have reason to believe you are armed and involved in a crime, and they can search you and your possessions if they arrest you, and in a few other situations.

If the police arrest you…

  • You will be handcuffed, searched, photographed, and fingerprinted.
  • Say repeatedly, “I don’t want to talk until my lawyer is present.” No matter what refuse to talk until your lawyer/public defender arrives.  If you are arraigned, you may want to watch Burt’s videos, above, for ideas on how to get out of jail without posting a bond.
  • Do not talk to inmates in jail about your case.
  • If you are on probation or parole tell your P.O. that you have been arrested but nothing else.

If the police abuse you or violate your rights…

  • Write down details of the incident immediately.
  • Photograph your injuries and get a medical report describing them.

“Over a week ago now I was thinking about a good article to write for the blog.  In my brainstorming I came up with the idea to write a multi-part series entitled “Stop Snitchin On Yourself (and others)”, which would look to examine the way in which social media, our computers, and our cell phones; have made every single one of us a snitch on ourselves at best, and on many other at worst.  Although these have had some positive results, I would deeply question whether the positive outweighs the many negatives.

“It has been known for quite some time that the state has the ability to intercept pretty much anything digital; from phone calls and texts, to keystrokes and searches (there are ways to protect yourself but that is a whole other article, which hopefully will be coming this summer).  Although contrary to the popular and official narrative, if the state has the ability to do something, especially when it has to do with spying on individuals and infringing on our allegedly protected rights, it does it.”

“Hello, and welcome to, the official web site of Mark Passio. This body of work is a culmination of many years of my extensive research and investigation into the nature of our shared reality. Through my presentations, videos and podcasts, I take my guests on a journey of self-exploration, examining human Consciousness and the way it relates to the universal problems which we currently face as a species. Some of the questions I attempt to answer are:

“Who are we? What is our purpose? Why do we hold certain beliefs? Why do we tend to see ourselves and others in a certain way? Why do we act the way we do toward ourselves and others? What does any of this have to do with the events we experience in our world?

“Having successfully begun my work as a presenter of the message of spiritual awareness, I am now taking a pro-active approach to the task of spreading this significant information to others. This has resulted in What On Earth Is Happening, a penetrating analysis into the realm of human Consciousness.

“In this empowering presentation, and on this web site, the following concepts and ideas will be deeply explored:

Peace and Love
Peace and Love

•  The components of our own Consciousness
•  How to recognize Truth and Deception
•  The Emotional Polarities we experience in our lives
•  The differences between Magic and Sorcery
•  What a healthy or destructive Worldview looks like
•  The basic nature of Good and Evil
•  The basic nature of the problem we collectively face as a species
•  The forces of Dark Occultism at work in our lives
•  The multi-faceted methods by which human consciousness is manipulated on a daily basis
•  The underlying agenda of those performing the manipulation
•  What Natural Law is and how it contrasts with the law of man
•  What Sovereignty and Anarchy really mean
•  Grassroots Solutions that anyone can employ to begin to turn the tide and heal the damage that has been done to our ourselves and our world

“The scope of this work is enormous in scale and a wide variety of seemingly unrelated topics will be covered. Each of these topics are large enough in scope that they could be considered separate studies unto themselves. The intention is not to cover each topic exhaustively, but to present an overall tapestry from which a larger picture may emerge in the minds of viewers and listeners.

“Rather than absorbing this information from a purely analytical point of view, it is suggested that one would benefit much more by simply going over the material with an open mind and an open heart, and try to feel the information that is being presented from an intuitive point of view. Ask yourself if what you are hearing resonates with your inner knowing.

“None of the information contained within this web site or in the presentation are my own ideas or beliefs. It is simply information about the world in which we live that I have come to understand and that I feel others could benefit by also understanding.

“In no way am I asking anyone to BELIEVE anything that is contained in my presentation or on this web site.” Mark Passio

“As a matter of fact, the absolute worst thing that could happen is that you leave here believing anything you’ve read, without seeking to verify it through your own research and in your own experience. The whole purpose of this body of work is to encourage others to seek the knowledge that can lead them to a better understanding of themselves, and of our world.

“Finally, I would ask you to consider that, regardless of the circumstances or events that led you to this site, it is not an accident that you have found it. We are led to certain experiences for a reason.

“So if you are now ready to begin, my recommendation is to start with the Podcast section by clicking on the “Podcasts” tab of the main menu above. Proceeding in order is recommended, starting with show #001 and moving forward, as concepts explored in the later podcasts are built upon prerequisite information which is covered in earlier shows. Please keep in mind that this web site is a work in progress. New information and resources will be added on an ongoing basis.

“So thank you very much for visiting my site. If you find any of the information contained on these pages of value to your life, please feel free to share it widely, and recommend the site to others.

“All is Love. Fear is Illusion. All beings are Free. Truth can never be destroyed.” Mark Passio

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