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Editor’s Note: Here at M4F, we are all about people stepping up and taking charge of our own lives. As far as voting goes, we like Ron Paul. But if you aren’t a fan of voting and want to assert yourself as a sovereign man or woman, check out my friend Luke’s approach here. We are in favor of people working side by side, each in our own way, to take down the beast.

S.K.I.P. is an Orlando-based artist whose unique musical stylings infuse elements of hip-hop, early 70’s-era rock n’ roll, and soul music. His latest release, Until the Very End, was recently picked as one of the ‘Best Albums of 2010’ by Orlando Weekly.

SKIP the Artist likes Ron Paul and will likely vote for him in 2012

SKIP the Artist likes Ron Paul and will likely vote for him in 2012

“Until the Very End is a smile inducing venture, a top-to-bottom feel good album… Conjuring sensibilities and sounds from genres such as ragtime, blues, acid jazz and dusty soul, it’s an endlessly danceable soundtrack for the world’s farewell party. Raise a toast to going out in style.” – Justin Strout, OW Music Editor

This is the newest full length album, Until the Very End and the 3-part comic book series which accompanies the album. The comic series further explains the characters and stories from the album with all original artwork by illustrator Benjamin Colon. With purchase comes immediate digital download of the song, “Man From the Near Future” from the album, Until the Very END.

We also hear a few songs from Smokey and Doug of Voodoo Stingray.

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