Vengeancia I called into the Mike Rosen show here in Colorado a couple of months ago. He was discussing the “sovereign citizen” movement. In response to my questions regarding the legitimacy of individual men and women acting to protect our unalienable rights in accordance with the Organic Laws of the United States of America, he stated bluntly, “the Declaration of Independence has no force of law.” He also stated bluntly, “No, the people are not sovereign.” While we would agree that U.S Citizens are most definitely NOT sovereign, the people most definitely ARE sovereign!

With a few excerpts from our conversation and some screen captures, I made a video, below, detailing my response to these assertions. Please check out my friend, Burt’s progress in his Journey to Freedom. Also, check out another fake conservative here.

Consent makes the law. A contract is a law between the parties, which can acquire force only by consent.” Bouvier’s Maxims of Law, 1856

So-called conservative radio show talk show host, Mike Rosen, with Pat Buchanan
"Conservative" radio show talk show host, Mike Rosen, with Pat Buchanan

Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry has some of the most accurate information available on the internet on this topic. Here’s just a few of their HUGE COLLECTION of PDFs:

1. What is the deFacto Goverment?

2. What is a Government Franchise?

3. What is the Proof that the Strawman Exists?

4. What is the evidence that U.S. Citizens are actually Public Officers?

Alfred Adask has made similar observations to my own regarding the fact that the foundation of all law in America, as it is in all free countries, is consent. Here’s how he describes the situation:

How do we know that the principles of the Declaration (as well as Articles of Confederation, NW Ordinance) have as much standing at law as the Constitution? Because Congress said so. Where?

Volume 18 of the Revised Statutes of the United States as enacted by the 43rd Congress (A.D. 1873-1875) and published by the Government Printing Office in A.D. 1878. (Note that Volume 18 reflects the law as it was known to exist after the 14th Amendment was (allegedly) ratified in A.D. 1868.)


In that Volume 18, the Congress published a section entitled “The Organic Laws of The United States of America”. That section includes four documents:

1) The “Declaration of Independence”;

2) The Article of Confederation;

3) The Northwest Ordinance; and,

4) The Constitution of the United States.

There is nothing in that collection of documents to suggest that the Constitution is the only component of “The Organic Laws of The United States of America”. Instead, the four documents are presented as a cohesive collection, each of which are still every bit as much the Law as the Constitution. The implications are enormous.

For example, we have legal authority to assert the principles in the “Declaration of Independence” as carrying the force of law.

We can also begin to see a possible distinction between “The United States of America” (the perpetual Union expressly created by the Articles of Confederation in A.D. 1781) and the “United States” (created by the Constitution of the United States as ratified by the People of the several States in A.D. 1788):

As created in the Articles of Confederation, “The United States of America” includes only the States of the Union. However, the “United States” (created later by the Constitution of the United States) also includes Washington DC and the territories. Technically, it appears possible that “The United States of America” does not include any territories or Washington D.C.

Thus, it appears possible that if you are “in Washington DC” and/or “in” one of the “territories,” that you may be “in the United States” but not within the perpetual Union styled “The United States of America”. Conversely, if you are within one of the States of the Union and/or within “The United States of America,” you might not be “in the United States”—nor “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.

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“Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away…”

Mike Rosen is typical of so-called Conservatives today. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are talking when it comes to the vast conspiracy to trick the American people into believing that the Federal Corporation, controlled by globalist banksters, is their government! Welcome to the GLOBAL PLANTATION!

The U.S. Citizen is a “strawman,” created by the Feds to carry the DEBT of the Federal Corporation while its owners retain all of the profits. We, the people, created by OUR CREATOR, not men, do not owe this debt. Did you consent to pay the debt of offshore banksters while they plunder the planet and build their empire on the backs of innocent third world people, not to mention hardworking American men and women? Of course not.

Did you know that hospitals are getting paid to turn over birth certificates to the Corporation? We are bonded slaves, no doubt.

Unconstitutional Bills of Attainder are applicable to U.S. Citizens, which are franchises of the corporation, but not to “people,” who retain our unalienable rights against the Corporation, which is why my friend Burt renounced his U.S. Citizenship to become a “people.”

Title 42, the Civil Rights Act: we are entitled to “punishment, pains, penalties, taxes, licenses, and exactions [extortions] of every kind!” Gee, thanks! The Patriot Act, for example, could be considered an unconstitutional Bill of Attainder.

You can find the Organic Laws tucked into a closet at the House of Representatives site:

The founding fathers created the Constitution to do ONLY two things:

1) Establish a federal government for the United States of America, and
2) delegate to it certain, limited (and enumerated) powers.

As Patrick Henry observed, it’s purpose is to control the government, not to control the people!

The Constitution was written by the thirteen original states. The federal government created by the states, via the Constitution, exists to serve the states. We, the people, are not a party to it. It’s a contract BETWEEN THE STATES.

Until the states delegated some powers to the new federal government, those powers belonged to the states. Similarly, until people delegate powers to the states, ALL of those powers belong to the people, i.e., individual men and women:

“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

That is, until we exchange these rights for privileges. Our SILENCE is our consent.

The states “hired” the federal government and set forth the rules as to how it should operate. The Constitution is a list of those rules. Just as a manager is expected to enforce company rules to manage employees, it is the responsibility of the states to enforce the Constitution to manage the federal government. Unfortunately, the EXISTING States, as creations of congress, are just franchises of the Federal Corporation, doing the bidding of the Feds. The whole structure is UPSIDE DOWN!

The Constitution does not give you rights. The founders considered your rights to be “God-given” or “natural rights” — you are born with all your rights!


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