Sheriff Richard Mack Joins Crosby, Nash at CWA in Boulder

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Editor’s Note: You can find information re: Richard Mack at his website. Also, check out this link.

The University of Colorado Boulder’s 63rd annual Conference on World Affairs returned to campus April 4-8 with over 200 events including talks, panel discussions and a plenary address by Graham Nash and David Crosby.

David Crosby and Grahm Nash Presented at CWA 2011 in Boulder
David Crosby and Grahm Nash Presented at CWA 2011 in Boulder

Presenters from around the country and the globe paid their own way to travel to Boulder to participate in what film critic Roger Ebert has dubbed the “conference on everything conceivable.”

Joe Cirincione, Ploughshares Fund president and frequent media commentator, delivered a talk entitled “Know Nukes” on Tuesday. His books include “Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear
Weapons” and “Deadly Arsenals: Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Threats.” Cirinicione also serves on the World Economic Forum Global Council on Catastrophic Risks.

Former Sheriff Richard Mack at CWA
Former Sheriff Richard Mack at CWA

Longtime activist and author Harvey Wasserman delivered a plenary talk
 called “Dead and Deadly Nukes: From Fukushima to Solartopia” on Thursday. Wasserman is credited with coining the phrase “No Nukes” and cofounded with Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and Graham Nash.

Nash and Crosby delivered the CWA’s closing plenary address entitled “Life Matters” on Friday to a packed Macky Auditorium, with introduction from KBCO’s Bret Saunders. Crosby and Nash have been performing and recording together for more than 40 years, most often as part of the iconic folk/rock group CSNY, featuring Crosby, Nash, Stephen Stills and Neil Young. The two are committed social activists, with strong ties to the 
antinuclear movement. Along with Stills, they participated in the 1979 No Nukes concerts months after the Three Mile Island disaster.

As always, the CWA offered a broad range of topics and speakers. Conference sessions encompassed everything from music and literature to the environment and science, journalism, visual arts, diplomacy, technology, film, politics, business, medicine and human rights. Also in attendance:

Terri Burke, ACLU Austin; a Liberty grandma, head of the “Constitutional” leaning ACLU Texas
David Walker, CAI; he’s the comptroller that left the GAO because he was so pissed about spending)
Sahno Tree, Institute for Policy Studies; one of the best anti-drug-war advocates around today
Jim Smith, Ambassador to Saudi Arabia; not Libertarian, but always a good inside look at politics