Conspiracy Cards Creator Exposes Deportation Scam

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Editor’s Note: Our Featured Artist Den Beauvais was surrounded at his home in San Diego at 7am by 6 ICE agents (Immigration Customs Enforcement), Feb. 23, 2010.

I’m Den Beauvais, the creator of Conspiracy Cards. I’ve been a commercial artist for 30 years. I’m probably best known for my Fantasy and Science Fiction cover art publications on Dungeons & Dragons Games, Books, Comics, etc. Find more at my site, Den Beauvais.

The Ben Dover character was created as a way of keeping my anonymity for many of my “truther” YouTube accounts. But considering all those YouTube accounts have been suspended after I was deported from the US, I’m guessing my true identity isn’t much of a secret anymore, at least not from “THEM”; and we know who “THEY” are.

I realize the gravity of our situation and this controversial information can be overwhelming. I also realize that as difficult as it is to face, we simply must… and we must trust that somehow our hearts will guide us to the truth and keep us safe. I woke up to this information in 2005, and I learn more everyday. Like many, I am devastated to discover the world isn’t what I thought it was. The more I learn, the more I discover how little I really know. I’m not a scientist. I don’t hold any degrees. I just keep my mind open and take the time to do the research. I’ve tried to piece it all together for you with Conspiracy Cards to help you understand the bigger picture. I remain optimistic and hopeful my Conspiracy Cards will be useful as a visual aid and help people discuss these uncomfortable subjects. I know how important it is to trust a source of information…any source. So don’t trust me … go out and research it for yourself! I did! Be skeptical and ask questions! is a small outfit dedicated to revealing the truth behind many conspiracies pertaining chiefly to the New Word Order. We will Bend Over backwards to ensure the information presented in these cards is accurate and up to date as best we can. Should new evidence come forward…we will not hesitate to make the proper corrections. Our only goal is simply the pursuit of truth and to inform the public on how they can best prepare or avoid any possibilities that might endanger their lives.

We are not coerced, paid or bribed to bring you this crucial information. We have a genuine concern for the state of our world today and hope that the information we present can awaken the public to the secret agendas that intend to destroy our quality of life as we know it.

Our focus is to offer concise information concerning issues that may effect your immediate or long term health. It is not our intention to confuse the issues with topics for sheer entertainment value. Many of these topics are controversial and we strongly encourage everyone to research fully and from as many sources as possible.

Now for the details of what I experienced in those 6 weeks in Maximum Security. First off let me state that there were NO charges against me, I did not commit any crime. I’ve been married to an American woman from San Diego since 2005 and was finalizing my Green Card process when I was unjustly picked up by ICE. Announcing themselves as Homeland Security they claim that I had a judgment against me that I was not aware of because I had recently moved and neglected to inform the INS of my address change. This warranted mandatory deportation?

Although I could have fought my case, I quickly learned from the stories of other “Detainees” that the situation I was in was a business scam to detain people for as long as possible. From day one it was a horrible and humiliating experience. But did I deserve to be there ? And in Maximum Security? Because I moved!!!

Let me take a step back and explain a little bit about who I am. I’ve been a freelance SciFi/Fantasy commercial artist since 1980. My Art Website :

I’ve worked on many popular products such as magazine and game covers for Dungeons & Dragons, illustrated comics like Aliens and many others, paperback and hard cover books, etc. I also worked in the gaming industry as a 3D conceptual developer which is why I moved to San Diego in 2003 from Canada. I married my wife in 2005 and shortly after started my Green Card process to extend my work visa as my original 0-1 visa had expired.

Artist Den Beauvais depicts the banksters game accurately
Artist Den Beauvais depicts the banksters game accurately

To elaborate an 0-1 Visa is the most difficult visa to obtain as you have to prove “Extra Ordinary Abilities”. Keep in mind the status accompanying an 0-1 visa is very high, and I was always under the impression that I was an invited guest to the US, and over the course of 30 years had made millions for many American publishers as a freelancer. They had rolled out the red carpet for me in 2003 and spit me out April 9th 2010 like I was useless garbage infecting their country. Why? Maybe because I’ve been developing Conspiracy Cards? Maybe because I’m revealing too much of the New World Order agenda?

Update September 2010: Den and Betsy Living in Canada
Update September 2010: Den and Betsy Living in Canada

Well, ironically I was imprisoned only 2 days after ordering my first set of Conspiracy Cards to be printed: the Priority Pack 1 Premier Edition. Is the timing a coincidence? And now that I’m back in Canada, I’m attacked again as I just discovered that all my truth revealing Youtube accounts have been suspended. Again…is this a coincidence?

This is why I’m writing this story. I’m tired of being attacked for revealing the truth, and I want to warn you of the scams, incarcerating innocent people and destroying families, all for your protection and safety. Am I a criminal? Well, I guess freedom of speech doesn’t apply to immigrants concerned about injustice. But nevertheless, I still feel more patriotic than most naturally born Americans. Obviously I must have hit a nerve. As they say…I must have been over the target because of the flak I was receiving. I have no doubt the Conspiracy Cards website is watched closely, and it may be censored soon. So please take advantage of the information I have posted here before it’s taken down.

But back to my story and some details of my “Life on ICE”. That was potentially the title of the book I intended to write about the experiences in CCA (Correctional Corporations of America). I vowed to the other “Detainees” (Prisoners) still in there that I would reveal their scam when I got out. Although I’m less inclined to write a book about it now and would rather just forget it all happened, to tell you the truth. But it needs to told and people need to know what’s going on in there. Keep in mind I’m not a writer, just an artist trying hard to warn people any way I can.

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