The HypeLife was informed about this act which leading dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel has signed just in time for his European tour, while for some its just a moot. Dancehall/Reggae was once associated with politically conscious lyrics, Rastafarians and the palm-fringed shores of its native Jamaica. But forget Bob Marley and Peter Tosh singing about peace and love; these days some of reggae’s biggest acts are just as likely to be advocating the killing of homosexuals in their music.

Reports by Tjenbé Rèd, the Afro-Caribbean association for the struggle against all forms of racism, homophobia and aids in France, are that deejay Vybz Kartel has signed the Reggae Compassionate Act which calls for the artiste to halt all anti-homophobic lyrics or statements.

This commitment is a major blow against homophobia in Vybz Kartel’s music. He agrees that he will not make homophobic public statements.

News that the Stop Murder Music (SMM) France campaign received a signed copy of the RCA surfaced on the Internet a few weeks ago. A copy of the document, which has the artiste’s name and what is alleged to be his signature, was placed on the site, It is claimed that he signed the document on September 22.

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