Restore the Republic Bob Schultz, Chairman of We the People Foundation, was recently demonized, mischaracterized and defamed in Time Magazine’s Special Investigation article entitled, Locked & Loaded – the Secret World of Extreme Militias, when it accused him of being “on the brink of calling for war.”
Liberty Activist Bob Schulz Founded We The People Foundation
Liberty Activist Bob Schulz Founded We The People Foundation
“Time shoehorned me into an article where I just don’t belong.  I am certainly not a member of a militia.  I don’t communicate with any militiamen as far as I know.  I don’t influence any as far as I know.  I clearly edge people away from violence, not towards violence as they have implied.  Everybody who has heard me speak publicly knows that I am an ardent follower of Ghandi’s approach to governmental reform,” stated Bob Schultz on The Reality Report with Gary Franchi.  “As you know, Ghandi, the guy who led India out from British rule, was non violent.  Martin Luther King was non-violent and their approaches worked, and I follow their approach.”
“Within a complex web of ideologies, most of today’s armed radicals are linked by self-described Patriot beliefs, which emphasize resistance to tyranny by force of arms and reject the idea that elections can fix what ails the country. Among the most common convictions is that the Second Amendment—the right to keep and bear arms—is the Constitution’s cornerstone, because only a well-armed populace can enforce its rights. Any form of gun regulation, therefore, is a sure sign of intent to crush other freedoms. The federal government is often said in militia circles to have made wholesale seizures of power, at times by subterfuge. A leading grievance holds that the 16th Amendment, which authorizes the federal income tax, was ratified through fraud.” from Time Mag.

On Sunday, October 24, 2010, nine days before the elections, Americans are being called to step into the streets to walk a mile together in a show of support for the nation’s founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States of America. The national civic action will take place from 1-2pm in every time zone. Organizers are hoping to see millions of patriots from cities and towns across America – of all age groups – participate in the Liberty Walk.

The purpose is to show how many supporters of the Constitution there are; to inspire the People to come together at the local level out of love for America, her Constitution and Freedom; and to encourage personal responsibility for ensuring that constitutional obedience, honor, honesty and integrity are returned to government at every level.

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