Break the Matrix The social network, dedicated to peace action, is a viral tool that enables each of us to take a small step together towards spreading the idea of support for peace. Simply by creating an account you’ll be adding your name to an ever growing roster of concerned citizens who want to put an end to these wars. Then take it a step further and invite your friends to do the same and we will see viral growth and support for the cause of peace.

Break the Matrix Launches Peace Rally Social Networking Site
Break the Matrix Launches Peace Rally Social Networking Site

With the social network anyone can organize a peace sign wave or a full blown peace rally with music, guest speakers and more. allows you to upload and share your pictures and videos from the rallies you attend with the community and beyond. Group and event creators can email all of their members to announce new events, share videos, or any other important call to action.

It’s free to join. You can create your account here:

Please make this community strong and powerful and join this effort today by creating your account here Then please spread the word by liking the facebook fan page here: and by inviting your friends by clicking the “suggest to friends” link located under the image in the top left corner.

If we do not take action and speak out loudly against this war this war it will never end. Terrorism is an excuse our leaders have used to drag us into what is already the longest U.S. war in history and some have already suggested an everlasting war of 50 to 100 years. Please sign up right now and let’s create a network for peace against this war as well as all wars of the future. Peace in our children’s lifetime and forevermore is something we can achieve if we come together and demand it.

Thank you for taking action.

Trevor Lyman

Read more about the Peace Rally Social Network at Break the Matrix

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