Alex Jones: Debra Medina Betrays 9/11 Truth Movement

Debra Medina betrays patriots, 9/11 truthers, 9/11 Truth movement
Alex Jones Supported Traitorous Debra Medina

Sharlene Holt
Musicians for Freedom
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Debra Medina betrays patriots, 9/11 truthers, 9/11 Truth movement
Alex Jones Supported Traitorous Debra Medina

In the wake of Debra Medina’s traitorous betrayal of the 9/11 Truth movement, first on Glenn Beck, and now on the Mark Davis show, Alex Jones is calling for his listeners to tell the truth no matter what. Alex Jones lead the way in supporting Debra Medina among her Texas base because she advocates for strong property rights and other issues important to Texans and patriots. You can reach We Texans to voice your concerns at 877.938.3926. On the Mark Davis show 5 days ago, Medina called 9/11 Truthers “despicable.”


  1. I was surprised when Beck tried to tangle Debra up on his show by bringing up the truther subject. At that time I believe Deb said she had questions about 9-11. But Beck had on his show opening video graphic thing the statement “Question with boldness”. Maybe he means only certain questions that he approves.

    I don’t know that 9-11 was an inside job. I don’t know that it wasn’t. I would not be surprised if the gov was involved though. Remember Larry McDonald & KAL 007? Coincidence? No one ‘out here’ knows for sure on that one either.

    Beck also disparages ‘birthers’. Why does he do that after stating on his show & putting up on his opening for the show for a while, “Question with boldness”? He never offered any proof that Mr. O is a qualified for Prez. US citizen. I don’t know that O is not Constitutionally qualified. But I don’t know that he is either. I became VERY curious after finding out Mr. O is resisting attempts to uncover what is true regarding his legal eligibility when all he had to do is produce the proof to shut down ‘birther’ talk before it became a notional movement. McLame was checked out but I can find no evidence that Obama was investigated for citizenship status. That raised my curiosity level.

    Here is an in depth look at the Obama BC issue at a patriot website:

    I hope Debra wins! You go girl!!

    I think Deb is putting distance between herself & the ‘trooffers 🙂 because of lame stream fringe media coverage. They hurt Ron Paul badly by their lack of coverage of Paul, out right ignoring him last year & slanting Ron & his views.. Debra is wise to put space between herself & the ”truther’ thing. I hope Alex Jones realizes that & is not to booty hurt by Debra’s strategy.

    See this video from Freedom’s Phoenix about how media bias influenced last years election:


  2. Face it people. This country is over and is never coming back the way it was meant to be. When the drones have been this far brain washed, there is no hope at all. This Debra drone is obviously just another mindless brain dead brain washed self serving puppet just like all the others.

  3. “Truther”
    Noun- Term of abuse used by Bush supporters against anyone who is openly disbelieving of the Bush Administration’s heavily propagandized 9/11 fairytale. The term is used most often in a derogatory way as an ad hominem by neocon trolls in order to avoid dealing with the facts, commonsense, and supporting links presented by 9/11 skeptics ~

    Neocon troll: Often you will find a troofer wearing tin foil on their head.
    ie Glenn ‘I Love Dick Cheney’ Beck teams-up with Mark Davis/Limbaugh

    You spin me right round baby
    Right round like a record baby
    Right round round round
    You spin me right round baby
    Right round like a record baby
    Right round round round

  4. Beck turned off her audio so she probably answered something differently from how she thought she was asked. How do you know Davis didn’t do the same thing? She said on Beck that she did not wish to take a position, simple as that:

    Alex Jones site story and clip:

    How can she betray the 9/11 Truth movement when she has not supported it before? What if she is just using that rhetoric to get elected and then, once elected, supports it? Who’s to say she hasn’t focused on 9/11 Truth during her extensive education on the Constitution and other significant issues with respect to Texas, but once in office, would become a strong supporter of 9/11 Truth? Ron Paul is no more a 9/11 Truther than she is.

    But let’s be realistic–she’s running for governor in Texas, not New York. Yes, it is a national issue, but there are more pressing issues to Texans right now than 9/11 and perhaps she saw that as a divisive rather than an inclusive issue–one that could conceivably torpedo her campaign. But if you prefer Rick Perry or Kay Bailey Hutchinson to Debra Medina’s Ron Paul-equivalent states’ rights, individual sovereignty stance, go right ahead and promote them.

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