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This is a response born of frustration with the seemingly endless conflict in the Middle East, not to mention the constant “police actions” and other military missions of the West. Sometimes it just seems like peace is impossible. As much as I would love to have a world free of weapons, violence and hatred, it’s times like these that make such a dream seem not only impossible, but downright stupid. Consider this a mild product of depression, frustration and impotent anger, and please note that this is NOT a gung-ho, rah-rah, kill ’em all pro-war paean.

Some video clips taken from Mark Manning’s excellent documentary “Caught in the Crossfire.” Music by Cro-Mags from the great “Age of Quarrel” album. If the AIDS references seem out of date, it’s because this song was released in 1986. Funny how the “warheads” references seem totally up-to-date, though.

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