It was four days of England, popping over from Sweden to see the David Icke seven hour talk at London’s Brixton Academy. Went with my bud, Sebastian, a very laid back swedish David Icke fan with a great sense of humor, and we met up with my friend, Jim Corr, guitarist from the Corrs (if you are not familiar with this amazing band, type in Corrs to youtube and be blown away).
We all met up in London at the Green Man Pub, and from the start Jim Corr really was a great chat, so well versed in all the false flag terrorism being played out, and sometimes I feel alone in all this, so nice to meet someone who knows as much or more than me on the subject. And now Jim has come out on radio this week telling all he knows about the creeping police state coming.

So here we all were in London for one of the greatest presentations anyone could experience revealing the gory details of the darkest secretive shadow government that few people even realize exists. It is the clever hidden evil that manipulates world politics, eugenics programs designed to exterminate their races of undesirables, and a whole entertainment based culture that robs one of his or her connection to real truth and understanding by keeping them fixated and imprisoned in this distracting physical box of pain and pleasure called civilization. All that sounds really horrible, but David Icke presents this war of sensation and numbness together with a philosophy of life so positive and empowering you step outside the madhouse and just smile at it all.

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